Who I got together with...

Life has been filled with encounters. In recent years, I've met some great and passionate people with whom I wanted to create things in all areas. I wanted to share my energy and emotions with them. Without these creations, I could never have achieved all the ARTWORKS I am presenting.

I am so happy to be surrounded by this "Dream team".





Hungarian - 22 years of friendship: he began his journey with me as my photo assistant , then my video cameraman. He has a great sense of detail, he is a perfectionist. With him there are no problems, he always finds the solution. His signature on my works is a Zs.



Hungarian – Zsolt’s brother. I met Teso a few years later, and he became Zsolt’s assistant. He designed and realized many sets of my photo series. A Specialist of painting, a true Artist who carries out all the research in this field.

His signature on my works is a T or Teso.


French - I ‘ve known Gérard since 2006, the man who knows how to do everything, the man who never says No, the man who is always going for the biggest works. We were both quite lucky that our Paths crossed: as they say, it was written to be. Everything related to metal, concrete and wood is his domain.

His signature on my works is a GS.

Vincent et Wilfried Desmond aka MARCEL CHAMPION

French - I met these two brothers by chance in 2010. These Princes of comics for children and adults came into my universe through the main door. I knew at once that we were on the same wave length and were destined to show something Unique in contemporary art.

Their signature on my works is MC.


Hungarian –In the domain of cinema, Hungarian editors have a very great reputation and I am glad to have with me one of the best, passionate like all the people who surround me, with his video editing skills, according to my instructions. He gives life to my works.


Czech - Plexiglass engineer.  All my works in Plexi pass through her hands. Without Lida, many projects would have fallen into oblivion.

Her signature on my works is a LV.


Czech - 3D engineer, a complete master. The solution is at his fingertips, his skills are exceptional. His perfectionism leads him to spend sleepless nights working tirelessly for me. I love this passion.

His signature on my works is a JK.

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