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Born in 1954, my rebellious temper prompted me to neglect the school benches after my teenage years to dedicate myself to my passion: photography. Recognised internationally as a well-known photographer, I had the opportunity to travel across the world and meet diverse personalities and civilisations. From Paris to Los Angeles, via Tokyo and Singapore, I collaborated for three decades with a wealth of charming magazines across the planet.
Deeply inhabited by the desire to transcribe my vision of the world, I decided to end my career as a photographer in 2014 to exclusively abandon myself to the creation of contemporary artwork.


Today, I invite you in the heart of my universe, reflecting an astounding camaieu of staging, at times striking, retracing with great sensibility my journey.

As an Epicuren art designer, I work relentlessly. Whilst being inspired by real world events, I look to exorcise my interior demons. I do not believe certain pieces of my artwork to be vulgar… there is simply a need to understand and know why these art pieces emerge from my imagination and exist.

Occasionally tormented, some of my creations belong to Outsider Art and enclose several references to my childhood, to religion, to tolerance, to injustice, to sex in all of its aspects, but above all to the love of freedom I hold, in its broadest sense and under all of its traits.

The expression of my achievements is guided by subtle and poignant texts which I invite you to read to embrace further what is hidden behind each of my creations.


My belief in Contemporary Art and determination helped me in the pursuit of success when a first exhibition was devoted to me by the gallery of the GAA Foundation during the Biennale Viva Arte, in Venice, in May 2017.

“I create what I feel while leaving my imprint” – Denis Defrancesco.


Mai 2017 - Novembre 2017 / Fondation GAA / Venise, Biennale Viva Arte Viva 2017 /Italie/ 

Novembre 2018 - Mars 2019 / Wemen Art & Design Exhibition / Milan / Italie/ Mai 2019 / AD Art Show / New York / USA / 

Juillet 2019 - Mars 2020 / Milos Forman Square /Prague /République Tchèque/

2021-2022 Beroun République Tchèque .
Mai- Août 2023 Atrium Galerie. Zlin . République Tchèque.
Juillet 2023- Février 2024 KingKongBalls XXL à Rivoli. Italie
2023-2024 Exposition permanente - Espace Nouvel Vag - L’Isle sur la Sorgue France.



Do you think that a thought, a childhood memory or a person having shared a moment of
your life can become a work of art?

Art has always been the fuel to my actions. I am a self-taught artist, with multiple facets.

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